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About the Safe Routes Program


Safe Routes Nebraska (SRN) was begun several years ago as a Federally funded program at the State level. The purpose was to provide a variety of information to Educators, Parents, and Community Groups, to help encourage the development of programs to enable and encourage students to walk and bike to school safely. SRN also provides information on possible funding to help make improvements to the routes that students use. These improvements may include physical infrastructure changes, or non-infrastructure programs.

Safe Routes Nebraska Funding in 2013
What's Ahead for Safe Routes Nebraska?

Until 2012, Safe Routes was funded through federal-aid highway funds distributed to each state by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). In July 2012, Congress passed a new transportation bill that requires Safe Routes to compete for federal funding alongside other entities as part of a new program called Transportation Alternatives. The FHWA is charged with putting this legislation into practice, and you can find more information about the new bill on the FHWA website linked below.

Nebraska is in the process of determining how to move forward under the new legislation. One more round of funding was announced on November 8, 2013. Click HERE to view information about it, or click the FUNDING link at the top of this page.

If you have any questions regarding Safe Routes funding, or are interested in funding when it becomes available in Nebraska, please email:  Safe Routes Nebraska Coordinator.

Where's all the Stuff I Used to Find Here?

  • The old Safe Routes Nebraska website is being reworked. We are still sorting through all of the items that were on it to determine which are still current and which are outdated.
  • We have tried to place the various resource links all on one page (linked below), for ease of use. There were a lot of areas on the old site, and the process of trying to update to the new site is ongoing.
  • If you are not finding something specific that you used to find on the old site, EMAIL US and we'll find it and send it to you, or send you the area and link.
  • We also encourage you to use the Walk/Bike to School National site to assist you in planning activities as your group continues your individual programs.
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